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Introducing our Custom Microfibre Dog Towel Robe - the ultimate pampering accessory for your furry friend after bath time or rainy walks! Specially crafted from premium microfiber, this towel robe is gentle on your pet's fur while efficiently absorbing moisture, keeping them dry and cozy. The customizable feature allows you to add your pet's name or a cute paw print, making it a unique and stylish addition to their wardrobe. The robe's secure fastening ensures a snug fit, allowing your pet to move freely. Practicality meets cuteness in this luxurious dog towel robe, making it a paw-some gift for your beloved companion or any pet lover. Experience the joy of drying your pet with love and care today!

Custom Microfibre Dog Towel Robe x 200 pcs

  • Colour

    Grey, Blue, Green, Dark Brown, Grey zebra print, Coffee zebra print


    Dogs / Cats


    1. Super absorbent


    2. Soft


    3. Easy to wear

    Main Material


    Fabric G/SM

    250gsm / 280gsm / 300gsm /365gsm / 400gsm

    Customisable Colour

    Pantone Matched

    Extra Small Size

    28 - 35cm

    Small Size

    35 - 45cm

    Medium Size

    45 - 55cm

    Large Size

    55 - 65cm

    Extra Large Size

    65 - 80cm

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