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PromoPets Help Centre

  • How can I contact your customer support?
    You can reach our friendly customer support team through the "Contact Us" page on our website, where you'll find options to email or call us. We're here to assist you throughout the entire ordering process.
  • What types of pet products do you offer?
    We offer a diverse selection of pet products including custom printed pet apparel, accessories, toys, and more, all designed to showcase your branding or message.
  • Are there any special offers or discounts available?
    We often have special offers and discounts. Keep an eye on our website's promotions page or subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on the latest deals.
  • Do you offer eco-friendly or sustainable options?
    Yes, we offer eco-friendly and sustainable pet product options. Look for our environmentally conscious choices within our product range.
  • Can I resell the custom pet products in my store?
    Absolutely! Many businesses use our products for resale, offering their customers high-quality, customised pet items that align with their brand identity.
  • Are these products suitable for fundraising efforts?
    Yes, our custom printed pet products are an excellent choice for fundraising activities. Create a sense of community and support by selling or auctioning these items to raise funds for your cause.
  • Can I see samples of your previous work?
    Certainly! We're proud to showcase our previous projects. Visit our website's gallery or contact our customer service for examples of custom pet products we've created.
  • What's the lead time for custom orders?
    Lead times vary based on the type of product and order size. We strive to provide accurate estimates during the ordering process to ensure you receive your custom pet products in a timely manner.
  • How can I order custom pet products in bulk?
    Ordering in bulk is easy! Simply navigate to our store, select the desired products, and place your order. If the quantity you want isn't available then contact us directly - our team will assist you with the process and offer competitive pricing.
  • What is is a specialised online platform offering a wide range of custom printed pet products designed for promotional campaigns, fundraising initiatives, and resale purposes.
  • Can I customise the pet products with my logo or design?
    Absolutely! You can personalise our pet products with your logo, artwork, or message, allowing you to create a memorable and branded pet-related experience.
  • How do I get started with placing a custom order?
    Getting started is simple. Just visit our website, browse our products, select the items you're interested in, and send your design preferences to & we'll produce a free visual order summary, for your further consideration.
  • What types of organisations benefit from your products?
    Our products are perfect for animal shelters, pet-related businesses, rescue groups, charity organisations, schools, and anyone looking to promote their brand while celebrating the love for pets.
  • How durable are your custom pet products?
    Our custom pet products are designed to be durable and pet-friendly. We use high-quality materials and printing techniques to ensure they withstand regular use.
  • How can I use custom pet products for promotions?
    Custom pet products can be used as unique giveaways, incentives, or prizes during promotional events, trade shows, or marketing campaigns, effectively engaging pet-loving audiences.
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